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Financial Hardship/Unemployment policy

It's about time I finally got around to codifying this. Here's the deal - I've been unemployed before (thankfully a short time) and know what going through being made redundant is like (several times!).
With this in mind, if you're going through unemployment or financial hardship, I feel you shouldn't be spending money on my games. I also feel like it'd be nice if you could have a copy to help keep your mind distracted/whatever.
So, if you are having a hard time making ends meet - Do not buy my games. Contact me instead - and I'll give you a copy of something.
I won't ask questions, I won't ask for proof. Too often we let ourselves be so afraid of being taken advantage of that we let genuine cases slip through the cracks.
This may change if I ever become unemployed again, but for now I'm in an ok place so I feel I can make this offer.
Oh, and a reminder: Your job (or lack thereof) is not wholly representative of who you are. Don't let your mind start to define yourself purely by your employment status.
*Hugs* I hope you're doing ok out there
- Kale